​We offer a no-risk refund policy which entitles you to a refund of some or all of your fees if enough disputed items are not deleted or your credit reports have not improved despite your close participation. Should you be dissatisfied with the results of our service after having been a participating client for at least twelve months, and you have done your part by mailing credit reports and letters from the credit bureaus to us, you may request an evaluation of your account. We will calculate the total value of all successfully deleted or improved items at $100.00 per item, and compare that to the total amount you have paid us. If what you paid exceeds the value of the deleted and improved items, we will reimburse you the difference.


Note that the refund policy requires you to have given us the opportunity to dispute questionable negative items on your credit reports for 12 months. This is due to the fact that the credit report repair process can be extensive and time-consuming, and requires your active participation. A 12-month period represents a reasonable time frame for the average credit report repair process.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to forward to us, on a regular basis, updated credit reports and letters from the credit bureaus during the course of your service. However, if despite your active participation you fail to see any positive results, we will reimburse the difference as outlined above. In the final analysis, you should not have to pay for ineffective service



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